• Jasa Penjahitan Seragam Surabaya
  • Jasa Penjahitan Seragam Surabaya

Services Description Surabaya Uniform Tailoring Services

Surabaya Uniform manufacturing services. Every employee in every company definitely needs a uniform that is used to work. Comfort when using uniforms is measured by the type of material used. This uniform will also automatically become a running promotion for the company because work uniforms are worn every working hour by every employee. This uniform is also an important thing because sometimes the identity of each work unit is attached.

Functions related to the use of uniforms for companies, among others, as an identity or identification such as the division of work divisions in a company, uniforms can have a positive image impact on the company because it can also interpret the type of company being worked on, as a promotional medium because uniforms are used every working hour and it is a the current promotion, as a matter of pride for a company agency, fosters the kinship between one employee and another.

Why should we use our services, because we provide several benefits that might not be obtained from other uniform manufacturing services, namely: 1. Free sample, we provide samples for clients to see how good and detailed our uniforms are made, 2. materials according to specifications as we know, fabric materials for convection are quite diverse, we always provide the appropriate fabric specs for clients 3. If we experience delays in shipping, we are ready to be given fines and penalties, 4. Very competitive prices, prices attached have not including disc.

PT. Parama Abadi Sejahterah International has experience in making uniforms in Indonesia. Immediately contact us or can directly visit our company at Palm Sememi Timur 1 No. 10, Sememi, Surabaya to get more information related to the best service and price offer.

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