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Services Description epoxy lantai / Coating Flooring


Flooring Coating (Epoxy) Floor Coating Work (Epoxy), Line Marking and Pedestrian. Done by experts and special equipment for Coating Flooring. Guaranteed when processing and after 1 year. fast and flexsible work time. Specifications can be as needed, for example (thickness level, strong against certain heat or liquid, etc.) Competitive price, 1 year warranty, experience, and we are ready to provide free trial.

Price List Price: Epoxy Floor Thickness 500 Micron Rp 150,000 / Meter2, Epoxy floor thickness 1000 microns Rp 180,000 / meter2, Epoxy Floor Thickness 3000 Micron Rp. 4300,000 / Meter2, Line (Line) 400 Micron Thickness of Rp. 38,000 / Run Meter

Prices above do not include Discount.

Customers who have used our services include:

PT. Tirta Fresindo Jaya (Mayora Group), PT. Santos Jaya Abadi (Kapal Api), PT. Bentoel Group (Cigarettes), PT. Akhasa International (Nestle Drinking Water), PT. Gutner (AC Daikin), etc. For further information please contact the contact in the pdf format catalog or open:,


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