Floor Painting / Epoxy Floor Surabaya
Floor Painting / Epoxy Floor Surabaya
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13 Mar 2020
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Specification of Floor Painting / Epoxy Floor Surabaya

Floor or epoxy paint services in Surabaya, East Java, The resistance of the floor to water, scratches, dirt and chemical liquids is the dream of every company. Therefore, we are here to serve your company, epoxy floor paint is now also an alternative material for room decoration. Entrust your floor painting needs to us.

Stages or process of painting epoxy floor from start to finish, namely:

1. Grinding Process, for the initial stage, which is the floor grinding process, this is the stage of opening the pores of the floor or peeling old paint that had previously been applied. This aims to make it easier for Cata to sink in.

2. Primary Process, After the grinding stage with old floor paint that has been peeled off, the next stage is the primary stage. The primary stage is usually called the initial foundation, which is the earliest layer of paint used on the concrete floor that has been grinding which aims to insert a layer of paint into the pores of the ground that has been grinding so that the concrete floor is more resistant to friction.

3. Body Coat Process, after the primary process, the body coat process is then carried out in the process of working on epoxy to cover the small holes that arise in the work process and also cracks in the floor or wall.

4. Finishing Process, the final process, which is the final finishing stage, is done by coating the floor with a top coat, which is useful so that the thickness of the epoxy is as desired.

The advantage that will be obtained from the use of our epoxy flooring services is that, willing to measure the thickness of each process, has a price that is quite affordable and you can apply it to several types of floors, the level of brightness on your floor will be far more optimal and attractive when applied epoxy, has resistance to various kinds of stains, especially those that are liquid so that it will be easier to clean, have a longer life and even withstand cracks during use, correct and suitable steps, use clear and branded materials (there are TDS and MDS), there are job certifications, ready to measure at each stage.

Price List Price:

Epoxy Floor Thickness 500 Microns Rp. 140,000 / Meter2

Epoxy Floor Thickness 1000 Microns Rp. 190,000 / Meter2

Epoxy Floor Thickness 2000 Micron Rp. 250,000 / Meter2

Epoxy Floor Thickness of 3000 Microns Rp. 500,000 / Meter2

Marking Line Thickness of 400 Microns - 5cm Rp. 32,000

Marking Line Thickness of 400 Microns - 10cm Rp. 35,000

Marking Line Thickness of 400 Microns - 20cm Rp. 50,000

Curving Diameter 5 cm Rp. 50,000

Area Code / Identification, Small (... cm2) Rp. 80,000

Area Code / Identification, Small (... cm2) Rp 120,000

Epoxy Wall Thickness of 400 Microns Rp. 200,000

Marble and Epoxy Clear Polishing 500 Micron Thickness Rp. 120,000

We are ready to provide FREE TRIAL so that customers are more confident in the quality we offer.

PT. Parama Abadi Sejahterah International has experience in working on epoxy in Indonesia. Immediately contact us or can directly visit our company at Palm Sememi Timur 1 No. 10, Sememi, Surabaya to get more information related to the best service and price offer.

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